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The Gift of Time

by Renae Jones on 12/18/14

As I hurried to finish my shopping, bumping arms and elbows with others in the mall, I had to sit down and take a breath.  Watching the crowds moving swiftly along the aisles, back and forth, in and out of the shops, I made mental notes of what gifts I had yet to buy.

Sitting on the other side of the bench was a woman struggling to contain her three little ones, who clamored for her attention.  The children were  waving their arms and shouting, "Mama, can we go look at the toys, now?" 

The poor woman looked exhausted and I asked if she needed help.  She thanked me and replied, "I just don't have enough time to get everything done this year.  My husband is in the military and won't be home for Christmas.  He usually keeps the children occupied so that I can get the shopping done.  I really miss him."

Her eyes were moist with tears as she spoke and my heart went out to her. 

This encounter brought to mind others who are left to prepare for the holidays alone...the wife whose husband is serving overseas...the husband who buried his wife this year...the elderly neighbor who is disabled and doesn't get out much.

How many gifts do you still have left to buy?  Time can be a wonderful gift!

If the woman who was trying to contain her children at the mall was my neighbor, I might offer her my time to care for the children while she goes shopping...I could invite the husband who buried his wife to our family dinner to share this time with us...I might also take time to visit the elderly neighbor and take a plate of Christmas goodies with me.

Not everyone is out enjoying the festivities shopping, baking, singing and spreading Christmas cheer, although that may be their silent Christmas wish. 

Take time this year to give the gift of time to someone who may need it.  Look around and see how a little slice of your time could make someone else's holiday a little less lonely.  Give the gift of time...Be someone's Christmas wish...

Time Flies...Zoom!

by Renae Jones on 12/09/14

It's been about a year since I've added to my blog and I can hardly believe how quickly the time has gone by!

The past year has been eventful and filled with unexpected bumps and valleys.  My mother passed away in May and one of my dear sisters was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer four months later.  My sister is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment and we have also researched and are using some of the alternative therapies such as change in diet, vitamins, etc.

You never know when a life bump or valley presents itself to you in this life.  Your attitude or how you handle it makes all of the difference in the world.  I am a positive thinker and like to spend my energies spreading positivity!  When something unpleasant or painful happens, such as my mother passing and my sister being diagnosed with cancer, it doesn't feel good but I have to feel the emotions in order to get through them.  Yes, cry, stomp your feet, yell NO, NO, NO...and then decide to find the positive things about the situations.

My mother is no longer suffering a long, challenging disability and is out of pain.  I know, as a Christian, that she is still alive and I'll see her again.

Since my sister's diagnosis, I've researched various alternative methods of treatment and am surprised at the number of people who have survived using these methods, with or without chemotherapy. 

My path in life has changed again and I have made myself available to fight the fight with my sister.  Through prayer, faith and the knowledge that the Lord puts in my path, we will survive!

I look forward to this journey to healing with her and to the knowledge that we will gain.  I see the hand of God in our situation and I pray that you will also feel His presence if you are going through something similar.

Look at the positive...stay on track...pray in all things!  Amen!




by Renae Jones on 11/14/13

Every year at Thanksgiving, we gather with family and friends to give thanks for the blessings received in our lives...but do we really think about what we are thankful for, or are the words just automatic and come with the emotion of the season?  

I had an eye opening moment recently in the midst of my prayers and petitions that humbled me and brought to remembrance what I should be thankful for.  When life is good, we still want more...don't we?  We are thankful...but ask for more, don't we?  It was during the midst of thanking God for his blessings and giving Him my petitions for "more" that it struck me.  We sometimes take for granted what is given to us and expect that we should have what we think we need in this life. 

Humility shows itself when we remember all who have no roof over their heads, no food in their bellies, no family or friends to love or no way out of despair. 

When I look at the devastation that has erupted in the lives of those in the Philippines and look at the roof over my head...I am humbled.  When I see the empty eyes of a homeless person looking for their next meal and look at all of the food in my refrigerator...I am humbled.  When I hear of families struggling to exist, children living in poverty and darkness and I turn on my electricity with a switch...I am humbled.

These things we take for granted...basic needs such as a roof, food, light and love.  I am thankful for the basic necessities in my life and hope to remember these blessings...before I think to ask for more.  I am grateful, Lord, and humbled that you have brought these things to mind and may I never forget them. 



Father's Day 2013

by Renae Jones on 09/16/13

Since my new site is being created on this special day, Father's Day, I thought that I would devote this post to my father, James D. Turner.  He was a great man who always had a smile on his face, was always positive and loved life.  I can still hear him whistling tunes when he walked into a room.  My book, 'Perfect Wisdom' tells the story about the events that happened two years before my father's death and during his illness.  I know that there are people who will not believe what happened to my family during this time, but all of the experiences described in the book were very real!  I have no doubt that there is a greater power that watches over us and is involved in the circumstances of our lives in supernatural ways that we may not understand.  Nevertheless, I have seen the power of a loving God and I know that He is real!  He is the perfect Father, the heavenly Father and I thank Him that He gave me the time that I had with my earthly father before he was called back home.  Happy Father's Day to all of the good fmen out there who love their children unconditionally and teach them the right way to go in this life!

School Days

by Renae Jones on 09/16/13

Well, it's that time again and the kids are back in school!  It amazes me how things have changed over the years.  I've heard that some schools are considering discontinuing the art of cursive writing.  Can you believe that?  The rationale behind this thinking is that the norm is now typing on the computer and texting, which doesn't require cursive writing.

How sad.  I hope this doesn't happen!  We live in a society that functions by new technology that changes every day and have become somewhat stagnant in our development of the human brain.  Phone numbers are stored in our cell phones, so there's no need to remember them.  Why compute mathematical calculations with our brain when we can google the answer or use the calculator to find the answer?  I sincerely hope that our future is not that of a mindless society and that schools still teach the basics, as well as the technology that surrounds us and is not going away.   Or...maybe one day it will..,

I believe that lessons in cursive handwriting should not be discarded by our schools.  It's an art.  And now, I think that I'll go and write a letter and mail it...another lost art...and I'll be writing in cursive!


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